The emissions standards “Talks” that never began have ended

emissions standards in california

The news is that the Trump administration has broken off talks with California about emissions standards … The Trump administration … is on track to roll back standards set by President Barack Obama, the White House said Thursday. Er yes, if the White House is a source for anything, almost anything at all, you can … Read more

Trump, a Subject Matter Expert on Californian Wildfires?


As an established “subject matter expert” on Californian environmental policy and wildfires the idiot-in-chief has been tweeting some guidance to his millions of Russian bot followers concerning the root cause of the Californian Wildfires … Governor Jerry Brown must allow the Free Flow of the vast amounts of water coming from the North and foolishly … Read more

EPA to attack California’s Auto emissions standards


Despite a change in leadership at the top of the EPA the fight to rollback Californian auto emissions is still game-on. Bloomberg reports on 23rd July … Trump to Seek Repeal of California’s Smog-Fighting Power … As part of the effort, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will propose revoking the Clean Air Act waiver granted … Read more

EPA poised to scrap fuel economy targets – Yikes! – #Climate

fuel economy

This might or might not happen, or might happen but be watered down. The LA Times reports it as follows … EPA poised to scrap fuel economy targets that are key to curbing global warming — setting up clash with California The Trump administration is poised to abandon America’s pioneering fuel economy targets for cars … Read more

Rising Seas in California – New Report, #Climate

A group of climate experts commissioned by the state of California have published a draft 71 page report that details the factors that affect how much the ocean will rise along California’s coast in coming decades. This contains the best available and latest information on sea-level science. You can find the full report here at this link. … Read more

Has California actually legalised Child Prostitution?

I’ve seen a claim pop up that asserts that a new law just passed in California has legalised Child Prostitution. The Claim Here for example is what the (Mad Hatters) Tea Party website is claiming … (No link, I’m not giving them traffic. If you want to verify it, just google “California Democrats Legalize Child Prostitution”) … Read more