Should we be worried about Greenland?


Reports of dramatic melt events in Greenland provoke different reactions. Some, (thankfully only a small number), sit back and observe, “It is summer, this is what happens in the summer“. Others respond more dramatically. During the last Democratic debate, long-shot candidate Andrew Yang urged people to move away from the coast because we are already … Read more

Trillions of tonnes of Ice Loss and Sea level


There is a new study. Titled “Global sea-level contribution from Arctic land ice: 1971–2017” and published 21st Dec, it lays out the data for the amount of ice loss and sea level rise since 1971. The publication of this study motivated one of the authors to tweet as follows … Quick Summary The study itself … Read more

New Study: Moderate warming will lead to huge increases in Sea level


A new study has been published in nature that reveals some very worrying data. Looking back to see what has actually happened in the past is a good way to work out what is coming as we warm the planet, and it is that data that reveals the degree of warming required to melt vast … Read more

House Science Committee does not do science – Rocks causes sea level rise

House Science Committee

It turns out that the United States House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology has yet again demonstrated that when controlled by Republicans, they do not do science. Rocks Cause Sea Level to rise Below is the exchange that made Mr Brooks the object of much ridicule in the media. Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks questions Philip Duffy, a … Read more

Seas are rising too fast to save much of the Mississippi River Delta


In addition to the news about the slowing down of the Ocean Circulation system we also have news that rising seas are causing problems in the Mississippi River Delta. There is a new study that reveals the scope of the problem. Entitled “Anatomy of Mississippi Delta growth and its implications for coastal restoration” and published within … Read more

Can we delay future sea level rise?

sea level

A new paper has been published that examines one possible means for delaying the inevitable sea-level rise that is happening. We know that sea level is rising and that the rate of that sea level rise is accelerating. We also understand the reason why it is happening. The cause is human generated fossil fuel emissions of … Read more