Arctic Sea Ice update

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The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) tracks what is going on in the Arctic and issues regular updates. While they do of course provide datasets, they also present a very digestible regular insight into what is going on. The latest update is that the Arctic Sea Ice maximum has been reached for this … Read more

#Arctic Sea Ice update

arctic sea ice extent - 6th March 2018

The National Snow and Ice Data Centre have issued their early March update for Arctic sea ice news. The content is not exactly a surprise. Below I’ve laid out some of the details. Highlights Temperatures over the Arctic have been unseasonably high and have been approaching melting point – in February – a time when … Read more

Scientists Aghast by Off-the-Charts Arctic Temperatures, Record-Low Sea Ice


Words such as “Agast” or “stunned” don’t perhaps fully capture it, yet nevertheless we are in the midst of something quite unusual in the Arctic. Via Zack Labe, a researcher at the University of California at Irvine, and others, we have a series of tweets and graphs that illustrate just how weird things are in … Read more

Alaska’s Bering Sea has Lost a Third of Its Sea Ice in Just 8 Days

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There has been a sudden and very dramatic loss of sea ice in the Bering sea. Within an 8 day period one third of the sea ice has gone. It’s not spring, we are in the middle of February. So what exactly has happened? Basically this … Weather (e.g., wind) has a significant role in … Read more

Arctic Sea Ice – Update for May 2017

On a regular basis the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) issue a monthly update regarding any and all observations and data gathered during the previous month. Their update for May 2017 has now been issued, so what does it tell us? Quick summary It has been an average month, except for the Chukchi … Read more

Was April in the #Arctic regular or record breaking?

NSIDC have published their April update, and that of course prompts a question. Has it been a normal average dull April with nothing of note, or do we have a new low? Arctic sea ice extent for April 2017 tied with April 2016 for the lowest in the satellite record for the month. Warm weather conditions and … Read more