Climate Change impacting Arctic sea ice across all seasons

sea ice

For those living in the arctic region, there is no debate regarding the reality of climate change. Each and every year they can see the ongoing decline of sea ice. Every season marks another data point. NSIDC Update If you check out the National Snow and Ice data centre then you can find very precise … Read more

Arctic’s strongest sea ice breaks up for first time on record

missing sea ice off north greenland coast

The UK’s Guardian reports on something that has never been seen before this year. The sea ice north of Greenland normally does not break up even in the summer melt season. This year it has been different. They describe it as follows … This phenomenon – which has never been recorded before – has occurred … Read more

‘Atlantification’ of Arctic Barents sea tipping it towards new climate regime

barents sea

Roughly about one year ago I was writing about a study that appeared in Science concerning fundamental changes within the Arctic Ocean. Today I have an update on that. A new study has been published in Nature titled “Arctic warming hotspot in the northern Barents Sea linked to declining sea-ice import“. Quick Summary Basically they used … Read more

Arctic Sea Ice update

sea ice

The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) tracks what is going on in the Arctic and issues regular updates. While they do of course provide datasets, they also present a very digestible regular insight into what is going on. The latest update is that the Arctic Sea Ice maximum has been reached for this … Read more