ISIS Ducks

I’m not really a 4chan fan, but I do confess that I find the ISIS Ducks to be rather amusing, it comes via the UK’s Independent … 4Chan is far from the safest or friendliest corner of the internet – but sometimes it comes up with the goods. On a private board on the site this week someone posted … Read more

John Lewis embraces the dark side – #ManOnTheMoon

Let’s make this 100% clear, this is not a commentary on John Lewis in any way, but rather is about how people sometimes react to the mainstream media. So the context is this, every Christmas in the UK, John Lewis produce a heart warming advertisement that is designed to tug at the heart strings and … Read more

Sometime satire really is the best reply

Being religious is about investing in an idea emotionally, and sometimes (I really do mean sometimes for a minority) that happens to such a degree that the person doing so is completely oblivious to what has happened to their ability to think clearly about specific things. While within this post I am thinking specifically about creationism it can … Read more

The Copenhagen Shooting – Who Really has Responsibility?

Hopefully you can immediately grasp the right answer for this question, and if so then that is good. Alas, sadly there appears to be a strand of thinking that simply does not get it. First, to illustrate the point, let’s switch topic and imagine that a horrendous rape has taken place. The rapist is then put on … Read more

Satire really is the very best way to criticise absurd ideas

When faced with something truly absurd and utterly outrageous, for example racism, bigotry, intolerance, or xenophobia,  then I often argue that the best means of deploying criticism is not rage, but rather is satire and humour. The scope is actually quite wide and need not be restricted to such social issues, but might also include daft conspiracy claims, fraudulent medical … Read more