Would anybody seriously ..”Kill them all and let God sort them out” today?

The phrase “Kill them all and let God sort them out.” sounds medieval, irrational, and utterly barbaric, but it should because its origins is of course medieval and is firmly rooted within a time when Christianity was not as tame as it is today. The phrase itself is reputed to have come from the lips of Arnaud Amaury, a Cistercian abbot who … Read more

Iran offers new bounty of $600,000 for the murder of Salman Rushdie

Now that sanctions are being lifted in Iran and they finally have funds, one of the very first things that they have decided to spend it on is a bounty for the murder of a foreign citizen whose only crime was to write a book (shudders, oh the horror). The UKs Independent reports … Forty state-run Iranian media … Read more

Is Iran really censoring “Wine” and other words?

You might indeed be tempted to initially think it to be a comedy sketch, but apparently there are words so terrifying that the Iranian minister of culture has decided to ban them, for example the word “wine”, or at least that is what the Telegraph claims … Iran’s culture ministry has decided to censor the use of the … Read more

Saudi Arabia vs Iran

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a very old proverb and suggests that anybody who opposes those you also oppose is somebody you can work with, oh and much to the surprise of some, this is a concept that is first recorded within a Sanskrit treatise on statecraft dating to around the 4th century BC. If … Read more

Sentenced to 12.5 Years in Prison within Iran for Facebook Posts

Iran Human Rights Org reports that .. A Revolutionary Court in Tehran has sentenced artist and civil rights activist Atena Faraghdani to a total of 12.5 years in prison for drawings and content critical of the government that the young activist posted on her Facebook page. …  the authorities particularly fear social media networks, which … Read more

Why is Saudi Arabia going Nuclear?

Now this is a disturbing bit of news. The UKs Independent reports … Saudi Arabia intends to buy an “off the shelf” nuclear weapon from Pakistan, according to US officials quoted in The Sunday Times. The report comes amid ongoing negotiations between Iran and other world powers over its nuclear programme, and a potential thawing of relations … Read more