Top 3 Items of Religious Weirdness in 2017

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Normally, once per week, I write up a posting that spotlights my personal selection of the top three items of religiously inspired weirdness that happened during the past seven days. Today however, for rather obvious reasons, I’m looking back over the past calendar year to pick out the top three items of religious weirdness. Rather … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

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This week my Weekly Weird Religious News posting will be an Alabama election special. As you can perhaps anticipate there has been much religiously inspired weirdness that quite naturally pops up in the news cycle when a complete lunatic takes centre stage. To our universal relief, he lost, so clearly the majority of people in … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News – Roy Moore special edition

weekly weird religious news

It is perhaps almost inevitable for Roy Moore to pop up in the weekly weird religious news. As the modern incarnation of rather extreme right-wing “Christian” values, he has garnered rather a lot of popular support from right-wing evangelicals despite the mounting and very believable evidence via multiple sources that he is rather fond of … Read more

Will Roy Moore stand and win or stand down?

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OK, so let’s cut to the chase and give you the quick TL;DR; answer – He will most probably continue and will most probably win. There is much I could of course say. Since a great deal of it is being churned over by the primary media outlets I need not dig into it all … Read more