Weird Right-Wing Fundamentalist News Items


I started out doing “Top 3 Religious News Items” and that then evolved into “Weird Religious News”. What does become clear over time is that this is not just about belief. The majority of humans inherit a cultural tradition, and most will generally participate and adhere to the bits they enjoy with varying degrees of … Read more

Weird Religious News – Trump & Friends at CPAC


It’s that time of year again when we have what must be more or less a wet-dream for that blend of right-wing politics and religious fundamentalism. This past week saw CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) take place. No longer is this event a traditional Conservative event, this is a new shiny CPAC reformed in the … Read more

Trump Picks Climate Denier to Investigate Climate Change

william happer, climate denier

The current US administration does not do honesty, integrity, nor is informed evidence-based decision making on the agenda. Trump’s own personal stance on Climate Change is well-known as one that is robustly founded upon exactly zero credible evidence, hence it should not be a surprise to observe that his various appointments consist of those that … Read more