Wingnut Weekly – 4 Oct 2020

Cartoonist Rob Rogers, who was fired for drawing cartoons that were critical of Trump, drew the above cartoon On Oct 2
Hey, maybe now the president will listen to the experts and stop putting others in danger! Who am I kidding? #TrumpHasCovid #ScienceMatters #SuperSpreaderTrump

This is the week that has seen the first debate … except it was not really a debate. Trump simply yelled abuse and conspiracy theories, while Biden spoke to the camera and talked with the nation. From the viewpoint of the wingnut brigade, Trump won and Biden was supposedly propped up with hidden microphones. Meanwhile back in our reality where facts matter, neither of those claims is actually true at all.

The big bombshell prior to the debate was the release of his tax returns, and what a revelation that was. Trump’s defence within one tweet is that it was fake news and also that the documents had been obtained illegally. If it is fake news, then there was nothing to obtain illegally. If however the documentation was real and obtained illegally, then it can’t be fake news. It simply can’t be both. Clearly clear thinking is not his strong point.

Meanwhile the really big news is that actions really do have consequences. Trump tested positive for COVID-19. Since many of his supporters sincerely believe it to be a fake disease, it will be fascinating to see how they square that circle. As for Trump, he is in several high-risk groups — elderly, obese, and low-income.

Let’s take a look at some of the other things they have been claiming.

Wingnut proclamations from the last 7 days

Here are some of the highlights …

The Cult Of Trump

  • Trump Embraces Christian Nationalists and Friends Gathered in DC to Denounce Choice, LGBTQ Equality, Church-State Separation … “Trump returned the favor, sending a supportive “presidential message” 
    • He harvest’s votes by telling then what they want to hear.
  • Eddie Hyatt explains that he no longer sees Trump’s … “personality and temperament as a negative, but as a positive, and precisely what is needed at this time in America’s history. This change in my own perspective is a big reason I have changed my mind about Donald Trump and now believe he was God’s choice to be president of these United States of America.
    • In what way exactly is having a belligerent incompetent idiot in charge a “positive”?
  • Mark Taylor Says That to Oppose Trump Is to Oppose ‘God Himself’ … “your fight is not with Donald Trump, your fight is with God himself, because this man is literally God’s handpicked chosen person.
  • A group of Trump-loving “prophets” and “apostles” are holding a two-day prayer rally in Florida organized by pastor Jeff Jansen, who was very excited about the supposedly prophetic significance behind the fact that Trump would be holding a campaign rally in town at the same time.
    • I have a prophecy for these guys – his rally is not going to happen. (Clearly my prophetic abilities are better then theirs)

Trump getting COVID-19

The Debate

  • Trump’s ‘Prophets’ Urge God to Control Chris Wallace, Mess With Joe Biden During Presidential Debate
    • God apparently decided to ignore their plea.
  • Alex Jones offered his “expert analysis” upon the completion of last night’s presidential debate: Joe Biden was pumped up on blood transfusions and meth.
    • Jones is an “expert” in conning gullible people.
  • Alveda King says that thanks to the first presidential debate, “we saw and heard President Trump defend America’s families, America’s economy, America’s babies, America’s environment and America’s security.”
    • I really do have to get some of the stuff this guy is smoking, it is clearly quite potent.

Civil war


  • E.W. Jackson Says Democrats Are ‘Religious Bigots’ Who ‘Hate God’
    • The rather inconvenient fact for him is that the vast majority of them are Christian.
  • Josh Bernstein on Rep. Ilhan Omar: ‘This B*tch Should Be Executed’
    • Her “crime” is that she does not believe what he believes
    • Bernstein also has a rather odd take on voting. He insists that every vote cast in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, which Omar represents, “should be disqualified”: “Every single person in that zip code and in that area should absolutely not have their vote count whatsoever.” … simply because they did not vote they way he wanted them to vote. His format for democracy appears to be very much the North Korean flavour – you get to vote, but only if you pick the right candidate.
    • A few days after the above he then complains that he is “completely under assault” over his video calling for Rep. Ilhan Omar to be “executed” and has set up a fundraising campaign for himself. If he really does not like criticism for saying stupid stuff, then here is an idea, don’t say stupid stuff.
  • Dave Daubenmire Suggests Joe Biden Is ‘Not Even a Human Being’
    • He is claiming that Biden is a supernatural entity.

Fraudulent Voter Fraud claims

  • Michele Bachmann warns of the possibility of massive voter fraud in which completed mail-in ballots printed in China are smuggled into the United States and stored in barns until they are needed to steal the election from President Donald Trump.
    • This good honest “Christian” is looking you directly in the eye and lying to you.

Truly Bizarre

  • Brenden Dilley’s “gut” tells him that the bombshell New York Times article about Trump’s taxes was leaked by Trump himself as part of a “disinformation” campaign.
    • Brenden’s gut is not a reliable measure for anything … especially since this is the same guy who boasts about lying.
  • Mark Taylor says that when Trump was jeered by the crowd paying respects to Ginsburg last week, “those were demonic manifestations from that crowd.
    • No demons required, Trump is wholly sufficient by himself to inspire that well-earned response
  • Pat Robertson Predicts ‘The Return’ Prayer Rally Will Unleash Five Years of ‘Paradise’ in the U.S.
    • If it results in Joe Biden being elected, then yes.
  • Scott Lively contends that “the ubiquitous ‘rainbow unicorns’ and similar rainbow imagery for children is a more recent example of intentional LGBT grooming of very young children.
    • Given the observation that God deployed a rainbow after his genocide flood I guess it means that God is also gay.
  • Jesse Lee Peterson says President Donald Trump will regret nominating Barrett because “she’s no different than a liberal feminist” since she refuses to stay home and raise her husband’s children.
    • I’d place good money on a bet that this guy is not married.

What else came out of the Wingnut fantasy land last week?

Lots of other stuff. 

As always, it is an endless stream. Some of it is good, some sad, some is rather grim, and some is quite frankly hilarious. Here are a few more samples …

COVID-19 …

  • Idaho Cops Arrested Christians for Ignoring COVID Restrictions at Worship Event
    • COVID-19 does not check your beliefs
  • Pastor Who Downplays COVID in Church Makes Volunteers Sign COVID Risk Waivers
    • It’s sad that you and I care more about the health of this church’s volunteers than the pastor does.

Christians …

  • Girls Speak Out, Alleging Physical and Sexual Abuse at Christian Boarding School
    • The courage of these women is absolutely incredible after what they’ve been through.
  • Thousands of Christians Rallied in D.C. to Pray for a Nation They Helped Divide
    • Instead of looking up to fix our problems, they should look in the mirror.
  • Three Women Accuse Late Christian Apologist Ravi Zacharias of Sexual Misconduct
    • The famed Christian apologist, who died in May, allegedly abused women at spas he owned.
  • MO House Candidate, an Ordained Pastor, Accused of Sexual/Physical Abuse by Kids
    • If Rick Roeber’s kids want nothing to do with him, voters should reject him, too.


  • IL Republican: My Opponent Attacks My “Christian Values” By Quoting My Platform
    • If your opponent reciting your platform is bad for your campaign, you shouldn’t be running for office.
  • Atheist Group Files Supreme Court Brief in Support of Christian Evangelist
    • It sounds bizarre … but supporting free speech means also supporting it for those you don’t agree with.

Bonus Item – Sarah Cooper

Here are some insights via Sarah Cooper …

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