The Real Shit

This is simply the real shit, no doubt about it, and I mean that quite literally. Jammie Nicholas is the chap who has apparently come up with the idea of manufacturing Perfume using his own shit, and so to inspire you full of confidence here is a photo of him. Ah yes indeed, every inch of him cries out “professional perfume maker”.  OK, its an Art stunt, but a truly weird one at that.

The thinking behind this is that the smell of faeces and many white flowers, such as orange blossoms and juniper, are from the molecule Skatol, they’re just there in varying concentrations, so why not make some perfume to prove the point.

As you might imagine his flatmates decided to abandon him to this enterprise during the manufacturing process, but he persisted and managed to extract the essential oils from the … er well lets just call it, the “raw materials”.

He ended up with about 85 bottles of  “Eau de Shit” and managed to sell about 25 at £40 a pop.  He actually branded it “Surplus”.

Personally I do believe in recycling, but this is too far on the wrong side of the line for me.

You can read more about all this here.


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