Christians vs Atheists, the movie

You might perhaps be wondering what this drama is all about. For those in the know it all comes down to that one-man incarnation of religious eccentricity, Mr Ray Comfort. He is also rather famously known to some as “The Banana Man” due to a previous evangelist career highlight where on camera he produced a … Read more

Banning Prayer Advertisements in UK Cinemas

There appears to have been a bit of a fuss about the Church of England wanting to deploy an advertisement involving prayer, they claim it was banned and cite free-speech concerns. As reported by the BBC … The Church of England has said it is “disappointed and bewildered” by the refusal of leading UK cinemas … Read more

IMDB reviews of “The Ledge”

Hopefully most of you within the skeptical/atheist community are aware that Mathew Chapman’s latest movie “The Ledge” (starring Charlie Hunnam, Terrence Howard, Liv Tyler )  is very much one you should check out if you ever get the chance to. The film deals with an intellectual, personal, and ultimately fatal feud between an atheist and an evangelical Christian (least you wonder, the Atheist is the hero here, hence its a movie of interest to us all).

OK, it is just a movie, but the portrayal of an Atheist as the hero in a movie that has an A-list cast is new, and so this is a direct attack upon the public myths regarding non-belief. Will it make a different out there? You bet, I heard an interview in which Matthew Chapman, (the writer and director) recounted the story of a Christian who had a relative that was a non-believer and for that reason alone,  had not spoken for many years. Apparently after watching the movie, as the end credits were rolling, she was on the phone to reconcile.

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