Facebook and “Freedom of Expression”


As the 2020 elections loom in the US and also in the UK in just a few weeks, the role that Facebook plays in swinging the outcome via outright manipulation and lies is coming sharply into focus. “I don’t know, I can’t remember” There was this recent interaction between AOC and Mark Zuckerberg. What happened … Read more

I survived the #BowlingGreenMassacre

I am proud to announce that I personally survived the #BowlingGreenMassacre and can officially mark myself on social media as “safe”. Many of my friends are also announcing that they also survived. “Hey, what happened?” you might ask. The story is this. Last Thursday Kellyanne Conway (yes ‘her’), appeared on MSNBC’s “Hardball with Chris Matthews. There she proceeded defend the illegal, … Read more

What does “Alternative fact” actually mean?

As you are most probably aware by now, the new buzzword of the moment is “Alternative Fact”. It arose when Kellyanne Conway, a Trump adviser, was challenged on “Meet the Press” last Sunday about an official White House statement issued the previous day. #SpicerFacts Monday saw the first official White House press briefing, but last Saturday the new White House press secretary, … Read more

Lies, Dammed Lies, and Republican Politics – #crookedhillary claim debunked

So I’ve been seeing postings such as the following popping up, and if this was in any way factual then there would indeed be questions to be answered. One ever so small tiny flaw is that it is not in any way factual. OK, that is not actually such a small problem, but is actually quite large, … Read more

Sex, Lies, and Blog Statistics – the top 5 from 2014

Time for me to indulge myself in a little rant about the increasing pervasiveness of what can best be termed click-bait, but first, since it is January 1, I’ll start with a bit of crowd sourcing by taking a quick look at the statistics to see which of my posts got the most views in 2014. Here are the … Read more

Weirdest Claim ever: “Militant Atheist Terrorists blow up building containing Creationism books”

A chap called Kamrul Hassan, a Religious fanatic,  arrives in a Facebook group and posts a Video clip as follows: The text claims: The local authorities have caught a group of Darwinist Atheist terrorist who were responisble for blowing up this building in USA. As per police reports the building was being used as a warehouse … Read more