London Pastor demands woman strip naked so he could spank her

The Reverend Howard Curtis, age 73, is currently on trial for sexually assaulting the woman in his church between January 1, 2009 and July 15, 2013. The London Standard reports some of the details that have emerged … The spankings were to satisfy self-styled Reverend Howard Curtis’s “desire for power and sexual satisfaction,” Croydon crown court … Read more

Sex, Lies, and Blog Statistics – the top 5 from 2014

Time for me to indulge myself in a little rant about the increasing pervasiveness of what can best be termed click-bait, but first, since it is January 1, I’ll start with a bit of crowd sourcing by taking a quick look at the statistics to see which of my posts got the most views in 2014. Here are the … Read more