Can Jesus also save the Klingons?

OK, so I’m not really pondering the concept of salvation for the Klingons, but rather I’m mulling over what the discovery of alien life will do to existing religious beliefs. I’m not the first to think such thoughts, because Scientific American talked to Vanderbilt University astronomer David Weintraub, the author of a new book – Religions and … Read more

Did Jesus really exist, do we have any actual evidence?

A rather common claim often presented is that there is solid historical independently verifiable evidence that Jesus really existed, hence all the claims are true. To even make that last leap of logic is highly questionable, but let’s put that aside and ask ourselves this – outside of the bible, what references do we have? But first, … Read more

Did Jesus really exist?

Can we ever really discover the facts here? We can perhaps gain some insights by looking at how belief systems portray their founders, and what the historical documented facts really tell us. When  we look, we discover a rather consistent pattern. If we review belief systems that have recently emerged such as Mormonism or Scientology, we have … Read more