Fallacy of the week: “They” (ISIS) are not “True” Muslims

The “No true Scotsman” ploy is an informal fallacy that is commonly deployed in order to maintain a specific position. For example … Person A – Islam is a religion of peace Person B – But what about ISIS? Person A – Ah but they are not “true” Muslims. Who first pointed out that “no true scotsman” was … Read more

The Orgy of Jihad

Given that I do quite often focus upon Islam it is perhaps appropriate for me to turn my thoughts towards the ISIS Jihad in Iraq. First, the rather obvious details; Tarek Fatah writes about it in the Toronto Sun as follows … The brutality of this mayhem was best captured in a deeply disturbing video … Read more

Some thoughts on Iraq

There is of course much that is being written by many as both Syria and Iraq rip themselves apart and so while this latest turn of events might appear to be a surprise, it should not be. This is because the sequence of events that is playing out is the inevitable consequence of the belief … Read more