Climate Change – should we be worried?


It is very human for many of us to worry about things in our daily lives such as job prospects, relationships, and political concerns. Why should we also worry about climate change when the impacts from it are centuries away? Yes, sea level is rising, and that rise is accelerating … but it is only … Read more

What can you do if you are afraid of hell?

The concept of Hell is a very emotionally potent religious idea and so it is perhaps appropriate to cast our skeptical eye upon it. The idea is not just an interesting abstraction, but is instead for some quite real. Many do truly have a deep abiding fear of it due to a religious upbringing and … Read more

What motivates ISIS to deploy Suicide Bombers?

Imagine you are walking down the street one day and as you do so you are accosted like this, how would you then feel … It started at about 11 this morning, I’m just walking down the street on some Important White Guy Business (going to have coffee with a friend or whatever), when this … Read more

Derren Brown: The psychology of religious belief

I came across the following by Derren Brown, and it is in fact part two of his “Fear and Faith” event that was broadcast in the UK last year. This is the part where he explores the biggest placebo there is … god. It is interesting stuff, he starts out with a satanic rite and … Read more