Christian Hatred and the infamous “but”


The latest news from the truly obnoxious Taliban regime in Afghanistan is this … Some Clerics are calling for gay people to be put to death A total rejection of vast swathes of science The overthrowing of democracy and its replacement with an unelected and religiously led Theocracy The banning of all abortions, even in … Read more

Does Gay Conversion Therapy work?

The TL;DR: summary is no, the supposed Gay Conversion Therapy is all BS. Why am I writing about this now? Basically this has just happened … A prominent “conversion therapy” advocate, David Matheson, has come out as gay after spending what he said were decades of his life entrenched in homophobia. Matheson was a practitioner … Read more

Why is the UK planning to ban Gay conversion therapy?

The UK government announced yesterday on 3rd July the intent to ban Gay conversion therapy. Along with that announcement, which is part of their LGBT road map, they also published the results of a comprehensive survey that has enabled them to make informed decisions. The Survey Itself You can find the full survey results here. … Read more

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