EU Mythology


I briefly caught a BBC interview the other night. It involved an interview with a couple of MPs whose names are not well known, and even if I mentioned them you will forget after about 10 seconds. One was Tory and the other was a LibDem. What quite frankly astonished me was the Tory, an … Read more

#Brexit Urban Legends: Cabbages vs Gettysburg Address

There is an old urban legend, and I really do mean ‘old’ because it goes back to the 1940s. It pops up on a regular basis in social media and contains a compassion between the number of words within some well-respected prose and a supposed directive concerning the selling of cabbages. It usually reads something like this … Read more

The EU is Promoting and Protecting the right to believe … and that is OK

The European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council has been giving the idea of “freedom to believe” some thought, so what have the come up with? They have issued  18 pages of EU Guidelines on the promotion and protection of freedom of religion or belief. It basically endorses the concept of freedom of thought and points out that this includes all … Read more