#BBCTBQ asks – Have human rights laws achieved more for mankind than religion?

Today’s BBC The Big Question looks to be a very interesting one, it asks just one question, “Have human rights laws achieved more for mankind than religion?” Those taking part include … @andrewcopson  Andrew Copson Vice President at International Humanist and Ethical Union, and Chief Executive at British Humanist Association @PeterTatchell human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell @MaryamNamazie  Maryam Namaze from the … Read more

Daft Claim: Humanism is a ‘first-class ticket to a sea of wantonness and deabauchery’ and generally ‘demonic.’

I like watching the BBC’s The Big Question, not simply because I wish to learn something, but because it can be quite entertaining to see ideas openly tested in public. Additionally, you can also depend upon the BBC to seed the audience with a few nuts who will quite happily commune with the mother ship … Read more

Should the UK’s NHS fund homeopathy? #BBCTBQ

Today’s BBC Big Questions has three – ‘Are the rich paying their fair share?’, ‘Should the NHS fund homeopathy?’ and ‘Are women taking over religion?’ Oh this is easy … “No”, “No”, and “Nobody cares (except a few religious folks)”, ah but getting there will be fun, because as I start to write this prior … Read more

Being offended by cartoons discussed on #BBCTBQ

The question came up today on the BBCs Big Question, and so in response to that I’ve written this up to add a few additional observations. Offensive Images The idea that an image of a specific human is offensive is a specifically religious idea, and while popular within Islam today, it was not always the case, … Read more