Suffering at the hands of the highly religious

I was writing a couple of days about about the meaning of life, and pointed you at an article written by Tom Chivers that was a result of him asking atheists how they found meaning in life. Tom has another great article that is now up and in this one he asks “What is it like to … Read more

The weird pronouncements of Ken Ham

Ken Ham is … well, if you know who he actually is then the very invocation of his name will inspire many, both believers and also non-believers, to roll their eyes. If you do not know who he is then here is a quick summary – He runs a group named Answers in Genesis that … Read more

Duck Dynasty star quacks out more nonsense

Si Robertson, one of the stars of the US Duck Dynasty show has rock solid proof that atheists do not actually exist at all. The context within which this claim emerges is that there is a new movie being promoted, “Faith of Our fathers”, and while being interviewed (see clip below) at 02:45 he proceeds to explain … Read more

Atheism is just for middle-aged guys … right?

Atheism is just something that middle-aged white guys are into and is of little interest to others .. right? Er … perhaps not … here are nine strong independent women who can think for themselves … Here is Julianne Moore’s interview with the Hollywood Reporter last January Here is Thandie Newton’s moving 2011 TED Talk, This is Angel Haze’s 2012 interview … Read more

The CNN Atheist Report … the YouTube copy and a few notes

If you missed it, or you live outside the US and don’t have access to CNN, then here it is … How does it play out? We get to meet Mr & Mrs Gormley, and then their son David who is, unlike his parents, not religious, and that has been quite distressing for his parents. They then … Read more

Daft Claim: Criticism of belief is bigotry and is like racism or homophobia

Kashif N Chaudhry, an  Muslim, writes that he carried out a social media experiment yesterday to see if new atheists’ onslaught on Yale Humanist Community was based on principle or prejudice. He concludes that verdict is out, and details it in his latest Huffington Post article. There he writes … Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an extreme anti-Islam critic, well known for her bigoted views … Read more