What happens when a Fox News viewer stops watching?

fox news

The term “Fox News Viewer” generally is a quip deployed to describe people who are completely decoupled from reality and instead live within a carefully crafted bubble of disinformation. Everybody knows this, apart from Fox News viewers, it is not exactly a state secret. What made recent headlines on April 4 were a couple of … Read more

The CNN Atheist Report … the YouTube copy and a few notes

If you missed it, or you live outside the US and don’t have access to CNN, then here it is … How does it play out? We get to meet Mr & Mrs Gormley, and then their son David who is, unlike his parents, not religious, and that has been quite distressing for his parents. They then … Read more

Atheist Tornado Survivor asked by CNN reporter if She ‘Thanks The Lord’

You may already have seen this … but what the heck, its funny … The sad fact is that a lot of religious people appear to think that non-believers behave like this … … but the truth is that the non-religious are just ordinary folks, don’t have horns growing out of their heads, and are … Read more