Arctic sea ice reaches lowest maximum ever recorded

As you might indeed expect, the ice covering the Arctic sea oscillates, we have the summer melt that is then followed by the winter freeze, and as we pass through these regular cycles the National Snow and Ice Data Centre measures what is happening and reports the latest on a daily basis. How? They get reliable measurements … Read more

Climate Change: The alarm bells are sounding …

The knowledgeable subject matter experts are yelling, but nobody appears to be really listening … The BBC reported a couple of days ago … Arctic ice melting at ‘amazing’ speed. Scientists in the Arctic are warning that this summer’s record-breaking melt is part of an accelerating trend with profound implications. … The Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) … Read more

How “not” to secretly film a polar bear

When up the Arctic attempting to make a documentary about Polar Bears, how the heck do you get all those up-close and personal shots? Easy, you disguise the camera as part of the background so that it then blends seamlessly in. Good plan, yes? Unfortunately, this plan potentially has a wee flaw. The polar bear … Read more