Ratzinger is an enemy of humanity – Richard Dawkins

A lot of nonsense has been wafting about recently such as the silly claims that Richard Dawkins compared Roman Catholics to Nazi’s. Its complete bollocks of course. Tempting as it might be, especially in the context of the pope labeling non-believers as Nazi’s the moment his feet hit the ground in the UK, it never happened. However, my words are not enough, we need solid proof … so here it is. The Guardian today published the edited text of his speech, and ere it all is. I highly recommend reading it. Should anybody label this as simply an Atheist rant, then I challenge you to identify anything here that is factually incorrect.

Should Joseph Ratzinger have been welcomed with all the pomp and ceremony due to a head of state? No. As Geoffrey Robertson has shown in The Case of the Pope, the Holy See’s claim to statehood is founded on a Faustian deal in which Benito Mussolini handed over 1.2 square miles of central Rome in exchange for church support of his fascist regime. Our government chose the occasion of the pope’s visit to announce their intention to “do God”. As a friend remarked to me, presumably we should expect the imminent handover of Hyde Park to the Vatican, to clinch the deal?

Should Ratzinger, then, be welcomed as the head of a church? By all means, if individual Catholics wish to overlook his many transgressions and lay out the red carpet for his designer red shoes, let them do so. But don’t ask the rest of us to pay. Don’t ask the British taxpayer to subsidise the propaganda mission of an institution whose wealth is measured in the tens of billions: wealth for which the phrase “ill-gotten” might have been specifically coined. And spare us the nauseating spectacle of the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and assorted lord lieutenants and other dignitaries cringing and fawning sycophantically all over him as though he were somebody we should respect.

Benedict’s predecessor, John Paul II, was respected by some as a saintly man. But nobody could call Benedict XVI saintly and keep a straight face. Whatever this leering old fixer may be, he is not saintly. Is he intellectual? Scholarly? That is often claimed, although it is far from clear what there is in theology to be scholarly about. Surely nothing to respect.

The unfortunate little fact that Ratzinger was in the Hitler Youth has been the subject of a widely observed moratorium. I’ve respected it myself, hitherto. But after the pope’s outrageous speech in Edinburgh, blaming atheism for Adolf Hitler, one can’t help feeling the gloves are off. Did you hear what he said?

“Even in our own lifetime, we can recall how Britain and her leaders stood against a Nazi tyranny that wished to eradicate God from society and denied our common humanity to many, especially the Jews … As we reflect on the sobering lessons of the atheist extremism of the 20th century …

You have to wonder about the PR skills of the advisers who let that paragraph through. Oh but of course, I was forgetting, his senior advisor is that cardinal who takes one look at the immigration officials at Heathrow and concludes that he must have landed in the third world. The poor man was no doubt prescribed a bushel of Hail Marys, on top of his swift attack of diplomatic gout – and one can’t help wondering whether the afflicted foot was the one he puts in his mouth.

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Catholics – What happens next?

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The pope’s entire career has the stench of evil about it. – By Christopher Hitchens – Slate Magazine

In honor of the Popes visit to the UK at the moment, I’m re-printing Christopher Hitchers insightful Slate article about him that was published last March.

Right now there appears to be a lot of PR spin going on … people appear to have forgotten who he really is and what he really represents, so I felt it appropriate to publish this as a brief reminder. This is not about “Catholic Hate”, but rather is about the fact that justice is being ignored. This individual who has done so much damage to so many lives appears to be above the law. Hideous crimes have been committed, and he has conspired to cover it all up and protect the abusers, yet because he is the leader of a powerful religious institution, many are choosing to forget. Hence the need for this little reminder

The Great Catholic Cover-Up

The pope’s entire career has the stench of evil about it.

By Christopher HitchensPosted Monday, March 15, 2010, at 10:20 AM ET

Pope Benedict XVI. Click image to expand.On March 10, the chief exorcist of the Vatican, the Rev. Gabriele Amorth (who has held this demanding post for 25 years), was quoted as saying that “the Devil is at work inside the Vatican,” and that “when one speaks of ‘the smoke of Satan’ in the holy rooms, it is all true—including these latest stories of violence and pedophilia.” This can perhaps be taken as confirmation that something horrible has indeed been going on in the holy precincts, though most inquiries show it to have a perfectly good material explanation.

Concerning the most recent revelations about the steady complicity of the Vatican in the ongoing—indeed endless—scandal of child rape, a few days later a spokesman for the Holy See made a concession in the guise of a denial. It was clear, said the Rev. Federico Lombardi, that an attempt was being made “to find elements to involve the Holy Father personally in issues of abuse.” He stupidly went on to say that “those efforts have failed.”

He was wrong twice. In the first place, nobody has had to strive to find such evidence: It has surfaced, as it was bound to do. In the second place, this extension of the awful scandal to the topmost level of the Roman Catholic Church is a process that has only just begun. Yet it became in a sense inevitable when the College of Cardinals elected, as the vicar of Christ on Earth, the man chiefly responsible for the original cover-up. (One of the sanctified voters in that “election” was Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston, a man who had already found the jurisdiction of Massachusetts a bit too warm for his liking.)

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