Daft Claim: “Equality Will Destroy Moral Foundation Of The World”

In a truly bizarre twist, Rick Santorum, the self-appointed representative of the folks who claim to hold the high moral ground, is claiming that equality will destroy the moral foundation of the world. Over in the HuffPo we learn this as follows … During an appearance on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Santorum doubled down on earlier … Read more

Icelandic pirates repeal blasphemy laws

The title of this posting sounds like a B movie plot, but strangely enough it is wholly factual. Up until this happened, Iceland has had a Blasphemy law … Art. 125 Anyone officially ridiculing or insulting the dogmas or worship of a lawfully existing religious community in this Country shall be subject to fines or [imprisonment … Read more

Scientific Pirates – rebels with a cause

Now here is an interesting twist on things, and yet if you think about it, not really a surprise. There now exist websites that provides free access to scientific articles that normally reside behind paywalls, and so the official publisher, Elsevier, has responded by filing a complaint at a New York district court against Library Genesis (LibGen) and Sci-Hub.org(currently at this URL http://www.sci-hub.club, but … Read more

For some The Flintstones is a documentary

You know that there are people who believe truly crazy things that conflict with everything we actually know, in fact, thanks to the Internet we are awash with all sorts of claims that pop up each day, hollow earth, aliens, miracles, bigfoot, etc… the list is almost endless. Anyway, to mark the release of Jurassic … Read more

UPDATED: Christian threatens neighbour over excessively gay yard

The things that pop up on GoFundMe never cease to astonish me and yet often the backstory can turn out to be even more compelling, so here is an example. Somebody, who opts to remain anonymous and signs herself “Relentlessly Gay”, started a GoFundMe to raise $5,000 to paint the roof of her house rainbow … Read more