Atheism explodes in Saudi Arabia, despite state-enforced ban

A recent article in Salon reports on the rising tide of disbelief in Saudi Arabia … In this country known as the cradle of Islam, where religion gives legitimacy to the government and state-appointed clerics set rules for social behavior, a growing number of Saudis are privately declaring themselves atheists. The evidence is anecdotal, but … Read more

The Guardian’s Hatchet job of Maajid Nawaz

The former Islamic extremist and now anti-extremist campaigner, Maajid Nawaz, has had a bit of a hatchet job done to him by David Shariatmadari within a Guardian article. He was supposedly being profiled, but then Mr Shariatmadari laced it all with some anonymous quotes and essentially stuck the knife into him. Was it Really A hatchet Job? … Read more

Will Religion ever vanish?

OK, let’s cut to the chase and give you the answer up front … probably not in our immediate future, because humans are by nature naturally selected with many cognitive biases that make us like this. There is a really good article over at BBC Future by Rachel Nuwer that covers this question, and so I’m … Read more

The Satanic Temple … are dark forces rising up?

A couple of days ago the Satanic Temple unveiled a nine feet tall statue (pictured above) to a crowd of hundreds who had turned up to see this in Detroit. When compared with other events it was a tiny gathering, and yet at the same time was also culturally huge, so much so, that Time magazine felt that it … Read more


Pamela Geller is a rather vocal critic of Islam, and that is fine of course because no idea should be immune to criticism or scrutiny, but as you might imagine, her name is one that invokes a considerable degree of outrage amongst some Muslims. There is a rather popular myth that she is a racist who … Read more

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