Dramatic and very sudden changes at the #JREF

In a rather sudden announcement on a labour day weekend, the James Randi Educational Foundation has announced that they are closing their LA office and moving their operations to Virginia in order to save money, that DJ Grothe is no longer with the JREF, and that this restructuring is all part of an enhanced educational agenda. That is all … Read more

Brian Dunning

Much has been said by many and much of what has been said is quite frankly not factual, or is perhaps misleading due to the omission of specific details. Perhaps it might be best to simply point to the statement that Brian has issued himself. He explains … On August 4, 2014, the judge sentenced … Read more

Live Million Dollar Challenge at #TAM2014

I’m attempting to write a few notes on the JREF Million dollar paranormal challenge as it actually happens here at #TAM2014, and so right now I’m sitting here on the front row waiting for things to start. Every year at TAM (The Amazing Meeting) a live million dollar paranormal challenge is conducted and anybody who … Read more

SGU at #TAM2014

If you are at TAM or know who SGU are, then you can just skip this bit and go directly to the pictures. Whenever I meet new people at TAM, I often ask, “What brings you here, how did you find out about it all?”. The answer that is perhaps the most common is one … Read more

An Honest Liar at #TAM2014

The Amazing Meeting was off to a fabulous start yesterday and is as always living up to its name. The workshops have of course been great, but personally a huge highlight was being able to see the screening of “An Honest Liar” for the first time. If you are at TAM right now, then you can … Read more

Chopra’s new $1 Million Challenge

Sharon Hill over at Doubtful News reports on Deepak Chopra’s latest bit of shenanigans, he has a new challenge that he has targeted specifically at James Randi as follows … I challenge the non “amazing” Randi & his professional debunkers & skeptics to explain normal experience & offer them a $1 million prize. Seriously? Yep, here … Read more