SGU at #TAM2014

If you are at TAM or know who SGU are, then you can just skip this bit and go directly to the pictures.

Whenever I meet new people at TAM, I often ask, “What brings you here, how did you find out about it all?”. The answer that is perhaps the most common is one that will often be a sentence that has the words “Skeptics Guide to the Universe” in it.

If you are indeed asking “Who?” then you really should check them out by downloading their regular weekly science-based podcast via iTunes or similar, or by going directly to their site here.

Yesterday, as they always do every TAM, they did a live podcast recording, and so here they are …


Dr Steven Novella


Jay Novella


Bob Novella


Evan Bernstein


They had a special guest, it was the amazing Banachek


We also had a bit of fun during the live podcast Recording, Jay needed special permission to use an Indian accent …


And as a very special treat, the truly amazing one also popped up …


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