Claim: Doctor raised dead man back to life by the power of God

Today’s weird claim is made by Pat Robertson. Apparently a doctor channeled “god” to bring a dead patient back to life … Yes of course Pat, the highly trained medical team with decades of medical experience had absolutely nothing to do with it, and so we can happily dismiss their active intervention and attribute this … Read more

Dinosaurs at the creation museum – how is this possible?

Do you even wonder how the young-earth creationists manage to cope with some rather obvious bits of evidence such as Dinosaur bones? Well, you need wonder no more, because Ken ham has announced that they are getting their very own real dinosaur in his Creation Museum and that it will soon be on display … Last year, the … Read more

Crazy Claim of the week: “Evolution is Anti-American” – Michael Peroutka

Michael Peroutka is a well known right-wing religious nut in the US who once tried to get elected as US president. A “nutter” … really? OK, you be the judge, here he is claiming that teaching evolution is an “act of disloyalty” to the United States … So this is how it plays out, his logic … Read more

Weirdness: “Pastor demands that women must be silent”

Is it “International Weird pastor” week and somebody forgot to tell me? After Pat Robinson’s suggestion that it is demons that motivates non-believers refusal to convert, we have yet more weirdness popping up. This time it is Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church, and yes, this is the same chap who back in … Read more