Claim: “Atheists have caused 110 million deaths in the last hundred years”

Once again this old chestnut pops up. Ray Comfort, a well-known evangelist has suggested that those that do not embrace myths as fact are inherently evil as follows … On Tuesday’s episode of “Janet Mefferd Today,” evangelist Ray Comfort said that atheists can’t be trusted in politics or other positions of authority because they have no “moral high … Read more

Really Daft Claim: “Stonehenge Built by Race of Satanic Giants”

Whenever I think I’ve heard all the truly daft religious claims, up pops somebody who is quite determined to push the envelope out into new unchartered and quite bizarre crackpottery. It comes via a chap who appeared on the Jim Baker show, and given that Mr Baker is himself a few clowns short of a full-blown circus, it … Read more

Answers in Genesis on 1st April – Ancient non-Stick Frying Pan discovered

Ken Ham, of Answers in Genesis, the folks who assert that not just planet Earth, but the entire universe is 6,000 years old, wrote a blog posting on 1st April all about the discovery of ancient non-stick frying pans. He wrote … With the construction quickly progressing at the Ark Encounter site in Northern Kentucky, … Read more

Weird Claims: Pastor went to heaven and came back with pictures

When it comes to truly weird claims then this one is way out into the ocean of weirdness and has left the distant shore of reality a rapidly fading memory. It concerns Prophet Mboro of The Incredible Happenings Ministries (the hint of what is to come is perhaps in the name that sets expectations here). So “Prophet … Read more

Pushing the envelope of gullibility

Since we are deep into the working week, I’ll lighten up a bit today and have a bit of fun. Humans generally tend to not simply take what we find asis, but also often can’t resist the urge to tweak and improve things, and apparently the Nigerian 419 guys are not immune to that urge. To … Read more