Iranian Clerics being grossly immoral yet again

Once again we have yet another example of how barbaric the Islamic regime in Iran is. There are reports that they have sentenced Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani – the 43-year-old Iranian woman who faces execution after being convicted of adultery – to 99 lashes in prison for “spreading corruption and indecency”. So what exactly does that … Read more

Will Atheist Doctors Kill you?

There is a story in today’s Guardian that reads … Atheist doctors ‘more likely to hasten death’ The implication here is that if your Doctor is not a believer, then you are more lightly going to end up dead, but is this really true? Well, lets take a look … If you read the article, … Read more

Woo words – Watch out for these Red Flags

There are specific red-flag words that should trigger your bullshit alarm whenever you hear them. I’d recommend that you build up and keep your own list, but to ensure that you get the idea I’ll start you off with an initial list and take you through a few examples. “energy” – This is a word … Read more