Conservative congressional candidate shares screenshot, forgets to close porn windows

This is quite frankly hilarious … Mike Webb, a conservative candidate for the United States Congress, believes in full accountability, and so he tries to engage directly himself with the public. So far it is not going too well for him, because while attempting to share a screenshot on Facebook in order to […]

Ted Cruz is ‘Lucifer in the flesh’, says former speaker John Boehner

Currently the leading Republican candidate is Trump, but the race for nomination is not over yet, he has a rival – Ted Cruz. Now knowing what you know about Trump, specifically the racism, intolerance, misogyney, and outright utter lunacy that he spouts, then you might indeed be tempted to think […]

#FreeHugsProject attends Trump and Sanders rallies – result tells you everything

Here is a small fun and very practical demonstration of how things really are. Members of the #FreeHugsProject (yes, that is a real thing and has been so for 10 years), attended a Trump Rally, and of course they were welcomed with open arms? … er no, not exactly, but instead The Trump […]

Why are Trump’s supporters immune to facts?

Much has been said, and much more will be said by many others, and no doubt many might already have overdosed on news and commentary about Trump. I would however like to put out one small observation regarding why he appears to be getting a special free pass that enables […]

Noam Chomsky – “GOP Is ‘Literally A Serious Danger To Human Survival” 1

It is perhaps natural to view those who hold a different political view in a negative light, but the US Republican party has gone way beyond the norm, abandoned all reason, and more or less handed over the keys of their kingdom to a band of complete lunatics. This is […]

Why do poor people in red states vote Republicans into office? 1

You would think that people on social welfare and Medicaid would be voting to elect those that support the concept of social welfare into office, yet time after time the candidates opposed to such support keep getting elected, so it can only leave you wondering what exactly is going on inside their […]