The Antichrist … who do you think it might be?

If you were asked to name the most lightly candidate for the position of “The Antichrist”, a Christian mythological concept that describes a single figure of concentrated evil, then who would naturally spring to mind? I can think of several such as Nero, Genghis Khan,Vvlad the Impaler (the name gives you a clue), Stalin, Hitler … Read more

Charles Darwin got 4,000 votes in the last US election

Seriously, he really did, it was not simply some chap with the same name, but the well-known author of “On the Origin of Species” and UK Naturalist, Charles Darwin, a non US citizen. Despite having died over 130 years ago he actually did get 4,000 votes in Athens-Clarke County in a congressional race last week, so apparently being dead is … Read more

The US is not as religious as you think it is

There is a distinct impression that folks in the US are very religious, more so than those within other industrialized nations.This is often confirmed by opinion polls. Shankar Vedantam has some numbers for you in a Slate article … Two in five Americans say they regularly attend religious services. Upward of 90 percent of all … Read more

Wikileaks – A political game changing disruptive technology

It is quite frankly fascinating to observe how technology has enabled one loan individual go to war against the US administration. This appears to have all started with the disclosure of the Iraq war documents last October that brought to light the “intimate details” of the conflict, where we soon learned some of the dirty … Read more