Paris Agreement

While on the campaign trail Trump promised again and again that he would pull the US out of the international Paris Climate Change Agreement. It was classic Trump rhetoric, an overly simplistic but enticing sound byte that panders to his audience, but also thankfully like almost all of his other promises is not […]

Will Trump withdraw US from the Paris Agreement?

Yesterday the Paris Agreement formally entered into force. That means it is no longer a document that is simple a wish list or an expression of “Well we will try and do something like this”, instead it is now legally binding. Basically what happened is that we are following the […]

Paris Agreement for Climate Change is now officially an International Law

As you are no doubt aware when it comes to addressing climate change the Paris agreement is not a done deal. Currently, there are 180 signatories to the Paris Agreement.  Of these, only 27 States have also deposited their instruments of ratification, acceptance or approval accounting in total for 39.08 % […]

Climate Change: Huge leap forward for Paris Agreement on 21st Sept