Ratcheting up the Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement was never designed to be a static commitment, but instead was structured to ratchet up the Nationally Determined contributions every five years. Paris Agreement Terminology Before we get into this, it is perhaps wise to first define what some of these Paris Agreement phrases actually mean. So with that thought in mind, … Read more

Climate Change: Filling the political and financial funding abyss

The Trump Administration’s principle weapon of choice for attacking climate science is not melodramatic announcements such as the one concerning US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, nor is it the appointment of individuals such as Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA, but instead is firmly rooted in federal finance. The proposed budget for 2018 will, … Read more

Bypassing Trump and committing to Paris Agreement – “We are Still In”

The rather encouraging news is that many US cities and even entire states are bypassing Trump and committing themselves to the Paris Agreement anyway, and declaring “We are still in”. This is all rendering his declaration of US withdrawal as utterly irrelevant. The New York Times has some details … Representatives of American cities, states and companies … Read more

Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 oppose Trump scrapping Paris agreement

Let’s start with a quick reality check, this is about the results of one poll, so please do digest with a pinch of salt even if you do like what it says. So the Washington Post reports the details of a poll they ran. Just to be wholly transparent here, this is not one of those self-reporting polls … Read more

Trump’s Climatic decision on the #ParisAgreement – #climate

When it coms to all things Trump, I keep grasping for the “Nobody would do something that stupid” thought, and yet time after time he does something that completely resets such expectations. The announcement that the US will withdraw from the Paris Agreement is a classic example of just that, and so his unofficial title of … Read more