Shock announcement from credible source – NASA has discovered alien DNA

While surfing Facebook the other day, a posting that caught my eye was entitled … Marijuana Contains “Alien DNA” From Outside Of Our Solar System, NASA Confirms My immediate thought was “That’s Bullshit”. If it had been via or some other similar dubious source then I would have simply rolled my eyes and moved […]

The Internet greatly disrupts religious belief 1

If you are religious and you are also rather eager to keep your religious belief intact and safe, then you need to stop reading right now, log off, kill your social media accounts and never ever log back in again. You might perhaps think I’m teasing and am not serious, but […]

Letting go of religious hatred – escaping into a better world 2

At a deep psychological level people tend to flow with the cultural tide, and so we have the observation that the religious belief people embrace tells us a great deal about their geographical location and the micro-cultures they inhabit, and not much else. Those born into a Sunni family will […]

WARNING – Using the Internet will seriously damage your religious beliefs 1

MIT Technology review has published the details of a rather interesting study regarding the decline of religious beliefs. Since the 1990s the use of the internet has risen … and …. since the 1990s there has been a decline in religious affiliation … therefore … using the internet causes a decline […]

Weird News: “anti” masturbation dolphin arrested for public masturbation 6

Now here is a truly weird bit of news. There is a Christian group that is rather eager to promote the idea that masturbation is evil, so much so, that they give talks to kids on the topic. Basically they have a guy dressed up as a Dolphin called Fappy who will […]

Weird people on the Internet

Amanda Marcotte, has a little list up on RawStory that she has posted to honor/mock some of the strangest characters that keep popping up in all corners of the internet … A definitive list of the weirdest people on the internet OK, it’s fun, so digest with a pinch of salt, […]