There are hints of a new and far better arabic spring

In response to a religiously motivated attack the traditional response within the more serious portions of Arabic media has been the adoption of the stance that those that perpetrate such crimes against humanity are not “true” Muslims and nothing to do with Islam. Sadly such a stance is a denial of reality and helps to … Read more

Islamism – The fascism of our age

You would think that looking back in history we would have learned a lesson from the horrendously high body count that fanatical fascism yielded, but apparently the only lesson we learn from history is that sometimes we really don’t learn from history – today fascism is alive and well and thriving. Perhaps we don’t recognise … Read more

Letting go of religious hatred – escaping into a better world

At a deep psychological level people tend to flow with the cultural tide, and so we have the observation that the religious belief people embrace tells us a great deal about their geographical location and the micro-cultures they inhabit, and not much else. Those born into a Sunni family will generally tend to be Sunni … Read more

Very disturbing Video from an Islamic conference

Now this video is indeed quite disturbing. It comes from an Islamic conference during a Q&A session. At one point a chap stands up and asks for the camera to be pointed at the audience, then proceeds to ask a few questions: “Hands up all who are Muslims”, and most hands go up. “Now hands … Read more