The Open Door Baptist Church in South Carolina has had a bit of a reputation for being very vocally Anti-Gay. They tend to turn up and picket with signs that promise hellfire and brimstone to anybody who is gay, and as an example, here is one article describing how they behave … Open […]

Sweet revenge: Anti-Gay church URL now points to Gay Porn

Kashif N Chaudhry, an  Muslim, writes that he carried out a social media experiment yesterday to see if new atheists’ onslaught on Yale Humanist Community was based on principle or prejudice. He concludes that verdict is out, and details it in his latest Huffington Post article. There he writes … Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an extreme anti-Islam critic, […]

Daft Claim: Criticism of belief is bigotry and is like racism or homophobia

The news is that the Equality Network (a group that works for equality and human rights in Scotland) commissioned Ipsos-MORI to survey Scottish attitudes towards marriage and found that of 1,003 people asked, 64 percent supported the idea of allowing gay and straight couples an equal right to marry. Hey, that’s quite good news. […]

Catholic Homophobia in Scotland