Christian Persecution

Pastor Alistair Begg has been on the receiving end of a total shit-storm that descended and proceeded to grind him down, crush him, and then purge him. Why? He is a traditional Conservative Christian pastor that recently advised his radio listeners that it was OK to attend a transgender wedding. When other conservative christians became … Read more

Sweet revenge: Anti-Gay church URL now points to Gay Porn

The Open Door Baptist Church in South Carolina has had a bit of a reputation for being very vocally Anti-Gay. They tend to turn up and picket with signs that promise hellfire and brimstone to anybody who is gay, and as an example, here is one article describing how they behave … Open Door Baptist Church in Easley, … Read more

Funny replies to Homophobic hate mail

So how should people who are on the receiving end of a constant stream of hate mail respond? There are of course many options that range from the snide rebuttal, through to a well-reasoned appeal designed to stir up human empathy, or perhaps even to rise above it all and ignore it. Given all the distinct possibilities … Read more

Daft Claim: Gay people are pedophiles who want to recruit your sons

Yep, it’s Pat Robertson of course. So here is how it plays out … A widow writes in concerned about her son who lives with her – no age is specified Apparently her son is in a gay relationship with another man who is married and so she asks for guidance on what to do. … Read more

Daft Claim: Criticism of belief is bigotry and is like racism or homophobia

Kashif N Chaudhry, an  Muslim, writes that he carried out a social media experiment yesterday to see if new atheists’ onslaught on Yale Humanist Community was based on principle or prejudice. He concludes that verdict is out, and details it in his latest Huffington Post article. There he writes … Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an extreme anti-Islam critic, well known for her bigoted views … Read more

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