Daft Claim: “Atheists slaughtered millions” 1

Over on the National Catholic Register Angelo Stagnaro rants for a bit on the claim that Atheist’s are vile evil people who did truly vile things. It is worth mulling over for a bit because it reveals how our use of language can and does enable some to fall into a bit of rather flawed thinking. […]

Can you really Study Atheism?

Now here is a good news story doing the rounds in the media at the moment, for example The New York Times reports .. University of Miami Establishes Chair for Study of Atheism … and so you might feel this is strange and that it makes no sense at all. If you made […]

Kenyan Attorney General suspends registration of atheists’ society

What happens when belief dominates a society? This does, it is just happened in Kenya … Attorney General Githu Muigai suspends registration of atheists’ society Attorney General Githu Muigai has suspended the registration of the Atheists’ Society in Kenya following complaints from the clergy. … “Following receipt of representations made to […]

How should you cope with religious discrimination at work?

Let’s look at this from both sides. First we will consider the potential for religious people to be discriminated against, and will then move to to consider religious employers discriminating against non-religious employees. If an employer discriminates against a religious person on the sole basis of their specific beliefs, there […]

Kenya Refuses to recognise a Kenyan Atheist group

The BBC reports that Kenya has persistently refused to permit an atheist group to register for what is quite frankly an absurd reason. They report … A group of Kenyan atheists say they have suffered “blatant discrimination” after the authorities refused to register their society. They were told the application was turned […]

Changing your mind about Sam Harris and “New Atheists” 3

I’ve often been astonished at the manner in which Sam Harris is demonised. Various claims abound about him being Islamophobic, racist, a bigot, etc… and yet when you dig into what he is supposed to have said, it often turns out to be a rather stark contrast to what is […]