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The degree of weird that emerges from the blending of right-wing politics and religion is fast becoming the norm. What is listed below is neither unusual nor rare, but instead is just another week of more of the same. It is tempting to be complacent about it all, but I’ll […]

Weird Religious News

weird religious news - faith in trump
What inspires people to promote weird religious claims? The generic essence of religious belief is that it consists of supernatural claims that have no evidence and so you embrace these ideas by faith, and not because they are actually true. Why does this happen? Humans generally don’t start with a […]

Weird Religious News – The Cult of Trump

Weird Religious belief has quite naturally gravitated towards that rather unique blend of right-wing politics and religion. It is that recipe that has incarnated and inspired intolerance, paranoia, corruption, greed, abuse, and a conscious and very deliberate desire to practise deceit. There are of course many people who are religious […]

Weird Religious News – Lies, deceit, and paranoia