Poll: Would an Atheist candidate be elected today?

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A recurring polling question is to ask people about the type of candidate that they would vote for. For example, a 2016 Gallup poll discovered that the following types of candidates would be fine with the vast majority… Catholic Candidate? – 93% would vote yes A women Candidate? – 92% would vote yes Black Candidate? … Read more

Why did people actually vote for #BREXIT in the UK?

To anybody outside the UK, the observation that a majority of those voting went against what is in their best interests and voted for the UK to leave the European Union is quite puzzling. However, once you move beyond the initial emotional shock, you then discover that the generally accepted explanation offered by the media is … Read more

Humanist guide on who you might like to vote for

So my ballot papers have arrived and as I opened them up to vote (yes, I get to vote early by post, so it is make-my-mind-up time) I suddenly realised that I still have no idea which box I should tick … yet. Initially it was tempting to tick the box against the guy I voted … Read more

Nigel Farage calls for “muscular defence” of Christianity in the UK

Wow, this one truly surprised me … not. Yes indeed, UKIP do appear to be quite determined to corner the market in complete and utter lunacy, and to be frank they scare me a bit. I worry that there are rather a lot of disillusioned Torys who simply can’t make the leap to Labour or … Read more

Religion meddling in Scientific progress in UK

This week the UK’s MPs’ vote on a decision regarding mitochondrial gene therapy. You would think that the obvious rational decision should be “of course” because this is about making a dramatic change in the lives of those who might inherit a mitochondrial disease, which is passed on to children from mothers who possess mutations in the DNA … Read more