Do Violent Video Games cause Gun Violence?

Do Violent Video Games cause Gun Violence?

In has become tiresomely predictable that instead of actually addressing the issue of gun control, yet another incident results is the easy targets being attacked. “He was disturbed” and so mental illness gets the blame. “Violent video games instil a bloodlust within our society” is yet another familiar trope. One thing is more or less … Read more

How should you beat your wife?

In a world where religious texts are considered to be beyond any and all criticism and are literally true then absurd directives are often picked up and promoted as a jolly good idea. Within the Quran we have this ayat … Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them … Read more

Is ISIS simply a group of Psychopaths?

When faced with the reality of their abhorrent behaviour, especially when they appear to relish and delight in proudly promoting it, a rather natural thought is that they are simply crazy, or to be a tad more clinical, they are a gang of psychopaths. A psychopath is an individual who acts in an uninhibited manner without … Read more

Bangladesh publishers burn books in protest at killing of secularists

Publishers, whose very life blood is printing books, have been burning books in Bangladesh as a very public protest against the governments refusal to take any decisive action in response to the growing campaign of orchestrated murder that is being directed against writers. The Guardian Reports … Demonstrations have continued over fatal attacks on secular writers and … Read more