Islamic Myths: “The extremists are only a tiny minority” … what are the facts?

There is a rather popular myth that extreme views within Islam are the preserve of tiny fringe groups, and that the vast majority of Muslims do not hold such thoughts in their heads. This is sadly not factually correct. Mainstream Islam has popularised some views that are quite extreme. To verify this as factual I’ve … Read more

What really causes violence? Sam Harris takes a look at this rather important issue.

Sam Harris asks a rather important question, he has written an article entitle “No Ordinary Violence” on his blog that takes a good look at the root causes of violence. This is a question that needs to be faced up to and asked, we cannot simply sweep it under the carpet, because doing so means … Read more

Islamic Violence … Even the excuses don’t withstand critcism

A sadly common pattern is that those that perpetuate violence in the name of Islam often tout US foreign policy as a form of justification. Well, Thomas L. Friedman, a journalist, columnist and author, has written a piece that effectively demolishes this myth. Mr Friedman is no isolated and inexperienced hack issuing bulletins from an ivory tower, he lived in Beirut … Read more

Atheist Blogger Stabbed Repeatedly by Suspected Islamist Fundamentalists

Asif Mohiuddin, 29, (pictured here) was viscously attacked late at night as he was leaving work by a group of unidentified men who waited for him then jumped and stabbed him repeatedly. Why would anybody do this? Well, Asif is a well-known atheist blogger in Bangladesh where he runs a Bengali blog titled “Almighty only … Read more

More on the response to “Innocence of Muslims” … is it just a bit of bad press?

I’d like to spend a bit of time looking at a couple of examples of the lunatic fringe that is actively promoting a pro-violence stance. But first, let’s be totally clear, these individuals do not represent the majority of Muslims who are generally decent honourable people and are content to ignore all the fuss. Time has passed … Read more

Somali comedian who mocked Islamists is shot dead

  Abdi Jeylani Marshale (pictured here) was a very popular comedian in Solamia who has been tragically murdered by some religious thugs. He was well-known for his parodies of Islamist militants, so you require no psychic powers whatsoever to guess who did this or what their motivation was. Officially nobody knows who did this, but … Read more