Can you really Nuke a Hurricane?

Nuke a Hurricane

The short simple answer is that you can indeed Nuke a Hurricane. The problem is that you will not alter the storm. Instead you have simply added to the environmental problems you face. Let’s dig into this a bit. Why has this come up? Journalist Jonathan Swan of Axios published a story on 25th Aug … Read more

Why Do Evangelicals support Trump?


Traditionally you would perhaps expect that Evangelicals would be all about Love, Forgiveness, and helping the stranger, but within the US political arena there exists a bizarre and quite pervasive political-religious devotion to Trump amongst the vast majority of those that identify as white evangelicals. Regardless of all that has happened, as many as 71% … Read more

Does Trump Truly believe Climate Change is a Chinese Hoax?

Chinese hoax

Trump did once famously tweet that Climate Change was a Chinese Hoax, but that was six years ago, so the question I’m really asking is to wonder if he has changed his mind. We do have a bit of insight because during his recent 60 minute interview he was pressed on the topic. So what … Read more

Trump, a Subject Matter Expert on Californian Wildfires?


As an established “subject matter expert” on Californian environmental policy and wildfires the idiot-in-chief has been tweeting some guidance to his millions of Russian bot followers concerning the root cause of the Californian Wildfires … Governor Jerry Brown must allow the Free Flow of the vast amounts of water coming from the North and foolishly … Read more