#TAM9 – last day – sound bytes

Well, the last day is now done. Others have been doing such a great job of live blogging that I’ve opted out, so here is the link you are looking for (Its the Friendly Atheist … and being friendly, he has had some friends helping as well – Great job folks)

Apologies to my regular readers (all 3 of you) not at TAM9, its still TAM related stuff, and so some of this just might leave you scratching your head because you need to have been at TAM9 to understand.

Also, here are some links from stuff that relates to talks during the day …

  • How many passes do you count? http://tinyurl.com/3n9dbug
  • Why our brains aren’t always accurate http://tinyurl.com/4y46v8j
  • James Randi and his magic levitating device. #TAM9 http://t.co/gtZe7qA
  • The expected sounds of the Universe as sung by gravitational waves. http://t.co/bb9D4Ky #tam9
  • OK, not last day, but I missed it previously – here are the details of PZ’s slides and talk on aliens
  • presentation of the skeptics we’ve lost since TAM8 here: http://bit.ly/pnfRMA
  • Do you believe in any god(s)? Anonymous poll: http://t.co/ysITBFZ

Now, moving on, here are tweets from the last day (Sun) that I’ve mined for you to enjoy. I’ve got separate collections for previous days, Fri here and also Sat here. It is designed to both amuse and to also help bring it all back.

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#TAM9 – Saturday bytes

And today’s TAM9 live feed can be found here … all done by a couple of folks who are far better at live blogging than I am, so go check it out. As for me, well, I’m back to my collection of tweets and quotes that I, for some bizarre reason, like to filter and collect … as always … enjoy …

Oh, and for all you Pharyngula folks, PZ has announced the meetup at  6pm, in the Garden Buffet tonight.

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#TAM9 – Friday Echo

Tempting as it might be to live-blog, there are folks out there doing a far better job than I ever cold, so I’ll simply point you in their direction ..

  • Friendly Atheist has been live-blogging the sessions here … with some help from some friends, and also some cool pictures as well, plus a link to that Tyson vs Dawkins video.

Twitter has of course been in full swing, to tune in, you can tap the #TAM9 Twitter feed here. But if not bothered, then to help bring back the day, here are a few of the tweets that I liked … enjoy

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#tam9 – Thursday soundbites

There is too much going on, and I’m also in the middle of it all, so I can’t create a generic 30,000 ft view. However, what I can do is attempt to capture a few sound bites that I’ve mined from twitter … enjoy …

  • Dr. Atlantis’ Bad Pun Of The Day: “…your Ogopogo shtick.” – Maria Myrback
  • Only a panel on evolution could wake me up – Jennifer McCreight
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