#TAM9 – Saturday bytes

And today’s TAM9 live feed can be found here … all done by a couple of folks who are far better at live blogging than I am, so go check it out. As for me, well, I’m back to my collection of tweets and quotes that I, for some bizarre reason, like to filter and collect … as always … enjoy …

Oh, and for all you Pharyngula folks, PZ has announced the meetup at  6pm, in the Garden Buffet tonight.

Also … here is a good link to the #TAM9 Flickr group.

  • “This is the only room where everyone knows what they’re doing.” -James Randi in the restroom
  • @RichardWiseman please send along that picture of Daniel Craig. For science – Kate Zwaard
  • “Research shows it’s really a rabbit” It’s funny because everybody knows it’s a duck. :)
  • Just got my TDaP vaccination at #TAM9. Bring me your children to play with! – Mariko
  • #tam9 sessions are good, but need more time for Q&A. Without it, how will guys like last years moon hoaxer get airtime? – Steve Neruda
  • Elizabeth Loftus has ruined cinnamon rolls for everyone at #TAM9. If you weren’t in the room then you don’t want to know what was said. – Derek Bartholomaus
  • Guys, if your penis EVER resembles a cinnamon roll, it may be time to go to the doctor. Just sayin’ – Rachael
  • I remember sleeping with Jennifer Aniston last night at #TAM9 – dave Brown
  • Is the #tam9 twitter stream planting false memories in those folks that couldn’t make it but are following along? – Webby
  • “It’s like “Inception” but without the dreaming
  • Loftus has rewritten the witness oath: “Do you swear to tell the whole truth or whatever it is you think you remember?” – Emily
  • Looking forward to learning about manufacturing memories — I have a lot of high school I’d like to rewrite.  – Idiotic Savant
  • #TAM9 Tip: ask your question without giving a life story that explains exactly why you want to know the answer. – Anne Marie
  • “Don’t spread skepticism, spread pertussis; my son starts at Syracuse soon.” –Dr.Mark Crislip
  • Unblinded, people prefer Swiss to Chinese chocolate. Blinded, the reverse.
  • Who are all these people sitting on stage while Steve Novella answers questions? <kidding> – Idiotic Savant
  • The line for Q&A at the Placebo panel is only surpassed by the massive line for the vaccination drive. I love this conference! #TAM9 – jay Diamond
  • Gorski: integrative medicine integrates quackery with real medicine
  • The panel on placebo medicine seems to be using Harriet Hall mostly as a placebo. Free the SkepDoc! – Idiotic Savant
  • Dramatic result: placebo has no obj. effect in asthma treatment, but large perception of effect. Being dishonestly reported in media. – PZ
  • NEJM article on Albuterol vs Sham Acupunct. vs Placebo vs No Tx : illustrates objective vs. subjective measures: http://ow.ly/5Ga7A
  • Placebo effect is’ beer goggles’ in medicine- Mark Crislip
  • “All this stuff is no more than advanced nit-picking” as in social grooming behavior. – Mark Crislip
  • Wife says my baby was kicking all through my talk at #tam9. Hope s/he liked it! Baby Crabtree is 55% complete today. – Sadie Crabtree
  • Classic,Crislip quip of the day: I’d like to see the placebo effect used for birth control.
  • Gorski: integrative medicine integrates quackery with real medicine
  • Mark Crislip: “If CAM is equal to placebo and placebo is equal to nothing, then CAM is equal to nothing.”
  • The Novellanator ( Steve ) declares victory over woo medicine ( as far as evidence goes ) to wild applause – Peter
  • the data is in- alternative medicine doesn’t work’ – Steve Novella
  • use placebo RESPONSE, it’s not an “effect”.- Harriet Hall
  • Backstage view of the Bacon & Donuts party! #TAM9!
  • Wearing my Placebo Band waiting for the panel on placebo medicine to start. – davedandelion
  • Skeptical ninjas and showing how the power band demos work. This panel was worth dragging my tired body out of bed – Emily
  • “I have 10 ways to bend a key”–Banachek
  • Joe Nickel: “Robert Baker (psychologist, ghost hunter and founder of KASES) was the wisest man I ever met.”
  • ethics panel just deplored lying by psychics, then endorsed lying about religion to make people feel good. – PZ
  • skepticism is trying to get into my sleepy brain – chris pederson
  • Ethics of Paranormal Investigation – Randi, Stollznow, Radford, Nickell, and Banachek, moderated by Galef.
  • Hard to bend a spoon and laugh at the same time- James Randi
  • Don’t let Randi sit by the podium. He disappears. – Joshua Humphrey
  • Lawrence Krauss at #TAM9 http://img.ly/6icn
  • The only people who actually use only 10% of their brains are the New Agers who say, ‘We only use 10% of our brains!’ – Patrick Owens
  • Banacek: if they insist they can’t be fooled it is imperative that you fool them to show them that they can
  • @pennjillette to Randi “without you there would be no me.” We are ALL surrounded by our hereos at #tam9. What an amazing opportunity!
  • Overheard last night on casino floor “they’re some kind of UFO group” – maybe the cool #TAM9 shirt is sending wrong msg ;)  – Richard Murray

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