#tam9 – Thursday soundbites

There is too much going on, and I’m also in the middle of it all, so I can’t create a generic 30,000 ft view. However, what I can do is attempt to capture a few sound bites that I’ve mined from twitter … enjoy …

  • Dr. Atlantis’ Bad Pun Of The Day: “…your Ogopogo shtick.” – Maria Myrback
  • Only a panel on evolution could wake me up – Jennifer McCreight
  • Why doesn’t the South Point Buffet give the table a carafe of coffee when you order? Need more!! – Tana Owens
  • I’ve been to a number of professional science conferences but the #TAM9 name bags are the geekest of them all. – Louis Rubbo
  • Harriett Hull: “Food isn’t medicine. if you can’t tell the difference, I don’t want you prescribing.”
  • There’s nothing so unfair as the equal treatment of unequal ideas.”
  • Scott: Undermining this dichotomy between religion and evolution is absolutely critical in the American context.
  • Workshop at #TAM9 is over. We planned on having 30 people, had 60 copies of handouts. 350 showed up. Went great! – Josh Rosenau
  • This is a really impressive infodump on non-science-based medicine. Too fast to tweet – Emily
  • My phone says I’m in Paradise. Walking through the casino, I’m a bit skeptical. – Jenna Marie
  • Gorski is giving a great overview of germ theory and its opponents. Because everything has opponents Emily
  • David Gorski: maybe Starbucks could market the right blend for coffee enemas to the alt med crowd
  • South Park clips during monster mysteries workshop? I think yes!  – Amber
  • Go ahead and try to poop yourself to health. Detoxification has the benefits of being both useless an gross. Win-win – Alex Grigg
  • At monster investigation workshop– @karenstollznow asked for the name if a frog in popular culture–best answer: “Charles DeGaul”
  • The difference between alt-med detoxification and medical detoxification is the difference between magic and science.” – Emily

Updates at 18:30 …here are some more …

  • We must find a compromise between being a dick and being a pussy. – Cristina Rad
  • @ZOMGitsCriss nails it on the ‘Advancing Skepticism Online’ workshop: don’t look for popularity, be passionate obout you content
  • Brian Dunning: “Don’t assume your audience is stupid, but don’t assume they’re *not* ignorant.”
  • Barbara Drescher : Skepticism is not about not believing, it is about following the evidence
  • @pzmyers just pwn3d the panel at Advancing Skepticism Online  – Shark Launcher
  • Barbara Drescher : We need to start having guided philosophy discussions in the first grade in order to teach kids to think deeply
  • There’s an anti-vaxer at #TAM9. We got security to kick him out. Just kidding! We’re talking to him nicely. – Jamie Bernstein
  • Swoopy: If you’re personable and really care about what you’re talking about, your readers will too. So true! – Jennifer McCreight

And to finish for today … somebody has observed that the casino has a  sign placed just outside the restrooms that reads … “Learn Craps with us”.

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