Hijacking Bill Nye

Rumours started flying that Bill Nye was going to debate Sara Palin on the topic of climate change. For example Breitbart ran the story … Sarah Palin is set to participate in a panel discussion in Washington, D.C. in May following the nationwide screening of the fact-based climate change documentary Climate Hustle. … Palin will reportedly appear … Read more

Sarah Palin Wants To Bring ‘Truth’ To ‘1400 Pennsylvania Avenue’

Sarah Palin just finished her speech to the Values Voter Summit, in which she told the far-right audience that they are “the most slandered group in America today.” After explaining that people who believe racism exists in America today are the real racists, Palin said that it is high time for someone to speak the truth … Read more

“waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.” … WTF!

This one simply blew me away, the rhetoric is simply jaw dropping stuff … Sorry about that, I should perhaps have warned you to put your coffee down before you clicked play. Yes, it is a rather weird thing to say, and is perhaps her rather failed attempt at humour, and also not unique in any … Read more

Is the tragedy being politicized?

Sarah Palin is currently playing the victim at the moment and claims that depraved liberals are blaming her for mass murder. As I’m sure you know, she had the poster with the names of leading Democrat politicians who supported health care reform, including tragically, Gabrielle Giffords, with a sniper target over them. If that was … Read more