Sarah Palin Wants To Bring ‘Truth’ To ‘1400 Pennsylvania Avenue’

RWW_News__Palin__No_Truth_In__1400_Pennsylvania_Avenue__-_YouTubeSarah Palin just finished her speech to the Values Voter Summit, in which she told the far-right audience that they are “the most slandered group in America today.”

After explaining that people who believe racism exists in America today are the real racists, Palin said that it is high time for someone to speak the truth in politics…and that someone is her.

Palin lamented that “truth is an endangered species” at the famous address of “1400 Pennsylvania Avenue.”.

Did she really say it?

Yep, you can listen to her saying it yourself …

So here she is accusing others of not being truthful, and now that she has levelled this charge against the occupants of 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue will Mr Obama say anything about it?

Nope, not a word will be said … I guarantee that.

But then that is perhaps because he lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, so clearly this comment is not being directed at him at all … right?

So this all leaves me with a question:

  • Will the Willard Hotel at 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue now sue her for defamation?

Clearly there was never any possibility of her ever being in the White House because she has no fracking clue where it is, she would never have managed to find her way there.

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