“waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.” … WTF!

This one simply blew me away, the rhetoric is simply jaw dropping stuff …

Sorry about that, I should perhaps have warned you to put your coffee down before you clicked play.

Yes, it is a rather weird thing to say, and is perhaps her rather failed attempt at humour, and also not unique in any way because you never have to look too far to find people who will come out with even weirder stuff. The truly scary part with all this is not that she said this, but rather that she was once Vice Presidential candidate and so was potentially a heartbeat away from being able to actually act upon this wet dream of hers.

The one hope I would grasp for here is not simply that liberals will find her thinking to be utterly insane, but also that mainstream conservatives will be equally appalled by it. What she completely fails to grasp is that the idea that torture and violence all packaged up and justified by deeply held religious beliefs  makes her no different in any way than the violent Jihadist fanatics she fears so deeply.


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